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- Entering Republic of Serbia

- How to obtain the visa for RS

- Visa regime

- Information for Foreigners

In accordance with the Government of the Republic of Serbia decision adopted on  30 October 2014 holders of foreign passports holding
- valid Schengen, UK and other EU Member States' visa
- visa of the United States of America
- residence permit in the countries of the Schengen area, EU or the United States of America
may enter, transit or stay in the Republic of Serbia without visa up to 90 days during a six-month period, not exceeding the expiring date of the said visas or residence permits.
Holders of a residence permit in the form of a separate card (not a sticker affixed to their passport) must present their valid passport upon entering the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
Holders of Taiwanese passports do not need visa to enter Republic of Serbia but prior to travel have to acquire Certificate issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia which certifies that the border authorities of the Republic of Serbia will allow holder of Taiwanese passport to enter Republic of Serbia at the border crossing/airport.
In order to apply for the document, holders of Taiwanese passports should submit following documents:
Do not staple application. Stapled applications will not be accepted
Do not print on both sides. Double sided printed applications will not be accepted.
Applications without either prepaid return shipping (FEDEX, DHL) or sufficient funds for EMS shipping will not be accepted.
- Passport copy *Print out on a sheet of A4
- Visa application form (PDF)  *Please select single-sided printing and print each page separately 
- One photo (size 3,5x4.5cm) *stick it on the application form
- Copy of round-trip ticket (E-ticket) or booking of a ticket 
- Hotel booking or invitation letter from a person providing accommodation in Serbia certified by the relevant authority of the Republic of Serbia (form in PDF)
- Fee 3,840 yen per person
Documents can be submitted personally or through post (EMS) and delivery services company (FedEx, DHL etc) to the Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo. Shipping charges for application as well as for Certificate after it is issued are at the applicant's cost.
Requirements for shipping certificate back to Taiwan at applicant's cost
- Contact name
- Company name
- Address
- Postcode/ZIP code
- Phone number
- Account number for cash on delivery payment (if using FedEx,DHL) - please get this number before shipping application to Japan
- or fee for EMS shipping - price of EMS is listed on Japan Post website (at the time of posting the price of shipping to Taiwan is Y 1,450 - including envelope price Y50) 
Name: Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo
Address: 4-7-24, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Postcode/ZIP code: 140-0001
TEL: 03-3447-3571
Feel free to contact us for further assistance.
Consular Section