Printer Friendly Version Ichinomiya: Embassy receives drawing awards on behalf of childrenb (20 September 2018) @ 16 November 2018 07:16 AM

Five children from Serbia were awarded as part of the exhibition of Serbian children's drawings staged by Japanese NGO International Kids Art Association, at Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Migishi Setsuko. On 20 September, representatives of the Serbian Embassy, Mr. Chihaya Oyaizu and Ms. Ivana Golubović – Duboka, received the awards on behalf of the children at the exhibition opening ceremony.

More than one hundred drawings were on display in the museum. The awarded young artists from Serbia include Anastasija Mitrović, Kristina Celikić, Sofija Morača, Dusan Nenadić and Tijana Perić, and the Embassy will make sure that the award certificates are delivered to them in Serbia.

The project is also significant for the Serbia-Japan relations in the field of culture, taking into account the fact that by connecting the youngest generation a potential is generated for fostering close ties among the two countries' youth in the future.