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Ambassador Nenad Glišić appeared on a TV Osaka show "Wafu Sohonke" devoted to old Japanese handicrafts and tradition, in the part titled" "Foreign embassy requests - do you have anything to be repaired?" He gave the television crew for repair his acoustic guitar from the 70's, made by the famous Japanese company "Tokai", founded in 1947. The TV crew took the guitar to the Tokai factory in the town of Hamamatsu, where it was repaired.

The show also featured an account of Serbia, its natural beauties, information about the donation by the Government and people of Serbia to Japan following a devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The show also featured the encounter with the Ambassador, a brief history of his stay in Japan in the 1970s and photographs from that period.

TV Osaka and TV Tokyo broadcast a popular Wafu Sohonke show that is being watched every Thursday evening all across Japan.