Printer Friendly Version Serbian-Japanese Duo "Fugo" concert at the Embassy (21 November 2019) @ 24 December 2019 04:49 AM

Serbian-Japanese Duo "Fugo" held a concert at the Embassy on 21 November in cooperation with the Association for the Promotion of Music Cooperation between Serbia and Japan.

Ambassador Nenad Glisic thanked Ms. Ecuko Tsunozaki, head of Association, for hosting the Serbian-Japanese Duo and promoting Serbian music in Japan, as well as the artists and their willingness to perform at the Embassy.

Fumiko Takeshita lives in Serbia where she studied accordion for six years and is engaged in the research of Serbian music and dances. At the concert she presented the diversity of music, dances and costume of Sumadija, southern Serbia and Vranje, eastern Serbia and Romanian influences. Aleksandar Petrovic introduced kaval and flute. Together they performed traditional Serbian music pieces - "Oj, Moravo", "Merakli čoček", "Niška Banja", "Zajdi, zajdi" and others. Ambassador Nenad Glisic on guitar and Etsuuko Tsunozaki on violin joined the artists in performing "Jesenje lišće".

Organized by the Association for the Promotion of Music Cooperation between Serbia and Japan and with the support of the Embassy and the Japan-Serbia Society, FUGO also performed at two concerts in Tokyo - on November 22 at Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall in front of about 60 visitors and on November 24 at the Kyudo Kaikan Cultural Center in front of about 150 visitors. At a concert held on November 22, Embassy representative Ms. Tijana Nagato gave a presentation on Serbia, and at both concerts, in addition to performing our traditional compositions, our instruments and features of traditional music from Serbia were presented to the visitors.

There is a plan to release a CD with recordings of performances at the concerts and studio recordings of the FUGO Duo in Japan next year.